Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Simple changes - Reuseable toilet paper / wipes

Photo from One Pink LadyBug

Last week we finally made the move over to reusable toilet paper for no 1's. I'm not sure why I made the change then and not before? All lot of it is the percieved ickyness of using something and not throwing it straight away maybe. But its really not a problem at all! We keep them in a drawstring bag hung on the toilet roll holder until they are needed then have a small stainless steel bin by the loo with a removeable bucket inside. After use they get tossed in there until they are ready to put in the wash.

I havent got anything nearly as fancy as those in the picture, our's are rectangles cut from fleece, a scarf and dressing gown that had come to the end of their useful life. Fleece needs no hemming, is lovely and soft and dries super quick so its a really quick and easy simple change!!!! Towelling, terry sheets and recycled TShirts are also favourites it seems. If thats still to much hassle then one pink lady bug has some nice sets in her shop (click link above) or search the net for other people making them (also called family wipes).

So go on what's stopping you? Try it for a day and I swear you won't look back!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

The ducklings have arrived!!! *warning cute pics*

Yesterday we took another step on our journey to self-sufficiency and became the owners of 3 gorgeous indian runner ducklings. We've been watching them online since they were 10 days old

with the latest picture we saw of them at 2 weeks old *still cute*!!!

Hopefully we've got one male (dark one) and two females (lighter two) but only time will tell!

We went to collect them yesterday from a village an hour away. I felt awful, have flu, but we still went. It was sooo worth it!!
At only 5 weeks they've now started getting their adult feathers so not quite as cute but the parents we saw yesterday were so beautiful in full feather I can't wait to see these! They seem to have setlled in quite nicely into their new home although our cats don't know quite what to make of them!!!

They'll be more pics when I'm well enough to stand up again!!!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Simple Changes: One for the pot.......

Mr J and I enjoyed a lovely cream tea on our mini-moon, and of course it was served in a teapot for two!!! We returned home and have continued to make our tea in a pot. Not only does it save money.... close you're ears Nanny P, you don't need to add 'one for the pot'!! Infact one bag for two people is just fine! It also bring a sense of occasion to the drink, you sit togeher to have tea, not spread across the room. We've even added a tablecloth to our coffee table for afternoon tea Building afternoon tea into your routine gives you a chance to stop and talk, to reflect on your day.

Take10 minutes out of your day today to share afternoon tea with someone or spoil yourself :) Then head over to patchwork pottery and check out all her lovely tea themed goodies!!!

Monday, 13 July 2009