Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Simple changes - Reuseable toilet paper / wipes

Photo from One Pink LadyBug

Last week we finally made the move over to reusable toilet paper for no 1's. I'm not sure why I made the change then and not before? All lot of it is the percieved ickyness of using something and not throwing it straight away maybe. But its really not a problem at all! We keep them in a drawstring bag hung on the toilet roll holder until they are needed then have a small stainless steel bin by the loo with a removeable bucket inside. After use they get tossed in there until they are ready to put in the wash.

I havent got anything nearly as fancy as those in the picture, our's are rectangles cut from fleece, a scarf and dressing gown that had come to the end of their useful life. Fleece needs no hemming, is lovely and soft and dries super quick so its a really quick and easy simple change!!!! Towelling, terry sheets and recycled TShirts are also favourites it seems. If thats still to much hassle then one pink lady bug has some nice sets in her shop (click link above) or search the net for other people making them (also called family wipes).

So go on what's stopping you? Try it for a day and I swear you won't look back!!


  1. Is it really more eco friendly than using recycled loo paper? Just worried about the extra washing it would generate - using elec, detergent & water. I'd certainly give it a go if it is! I quite fancy having pretty wipes in the loo.

  2. I just bung it in with my usual hot wash, so its no extra laundry at all for me. Is only working out to be about 1/4 carrierbag full of washing each time to add. I certainly don't think for me that it will do any worse than buying new rolls each time I go shopping.

    Go for It and post lots of pics of your pretties when you get them please!!!

  3. I'll give it a go then, but hubby absolutely horrified! I can think of a lot worse he does - but I won't embarrass him in public!!

  4. Thats brilliant Sara! Mr J wouldn't touch them either but they boys don't have to use them, only us girlies and little miss Jones LOVES them!!!

  5. You sweetly left a comment on my blog about the beetroot and ginger chuntey and I thought 'I know that name', so here I am. Love the blog, keep it up xx Plus may have to look into a blog background like yours - too cute!!!

  6. I have used them when I was single. I cut up one of my son's old cot sheets. I used to love hanging them to dry on the line and wondering what the neighbours thought. I will have to give it a go again as I am the only girl in the house anyway!

  7. Think MrL will/would be duly horrified!!! Woudl suit me to do, but not sure Bean would - might be a step too far, even more so than the homemade toothpaste. Teenagers............LOL

    Great idea. Will give it some more thought.