Friday, 14 August 2009

That better taste good......

because it looks like a train wreck!!!

I was lucky enough to meet a fellow forum member today, who gave me a pasta maker she had lurking in a cupboard! I rushed home and made pasta for supper. The pasta maker was great and took away hours of rolling out the dough, but i didn't seem to have the knack for the spaghetti attatchment!!!

I faired better with the tagliatelli.....

Add homegrown tomatoes, which have really started producing in good quantities this week!!!! And enjoy in the garden.....
Yes it did taste good!!


  1. Hi Mrsj I can't get the hang of the spaghetti bit either so I just tend to stick with tagliatelli. I use a coat hanger to hang the pasta on while its waiting (if you get my meaning).
    How are the ducklings?

  2. Glad it tasted good, looks great for a first attempt! I've never tried making pasta myself. Nothing like home grown tomatoes, yummy. Xx

  3. Love the idea of homemade pasta, but not been brave enough to try it not being a kitchen goddess type of girl. How are the quackers doing? My Indian Runner duck (Little Wing) has started flirting with her mate (Big Chief), so I'm hoping for some eggs soon :-D

  4. I've got one in the cupboard too, and really must get it out and try again - my last attempt looked like bad knitting! As both my daughters are home, we can try it together and have a pasta party!

  5. Sounds like a great plan bovey belle!! I'm doing alot of lasagne sheets in mine and handcutting some into pompadelli (inch wide strips)

  6. Looks great! I am thinking of attacking a mass batch this week to use up some of the extra eggs in the refer!