Tuesday, 12 May 2009

How much do you really, really want it?


Just before work today I started getting some lunch together. I got out the bread and went to the fridge to get cheese. Picking up the cheese I noticed the pork sausages behind that were getting near their end date. Thinking 'ooh I'll do those for the childrens supper' I started cooking them in the frying pan.

As they browned I looked at the sausages, I looked at the bread, I looked at the sausages, I looked at the bread....

Maybe one sausage sarnie won't hurt. * For those of you who don't know, OMJ is meat intolerant so I'm veggie too to give him support.

The thought had entered my head but suprising, thats where it stayed! I cut the cheese, walked out to the garden to pick rocket, ate the rocket on the way back in and had a lovely cheese and homemade chutney sarnie instead for lunch.

I thought about it after, living the simple life we are confronted daily by temptation and choices, the quick fixes or pressure to fit in with friends. Each time we are faced by these we need to think, do I really want to make that choice more than I want the life I have chose. After not very long the decision will be made in your head before you think it and the pleasures and satisfaction you gain from chosing the way you want rather than what others want will be tenfold ( healthier diet, a simpler home, the taste of a homegrown tomato...)

This post isn't meant as a lecture to anyone, we all make our own choices, but to serve as a reminder to me that I can choose to stay on course when faced with temptation and that it is so worth it!


  1. Just wanted to leave a comment to say hello! Glad you found my blog and I'm also glad I'm finding people who think the same as me.There is no one I know within our circle of friends who thinks living simple is a beter way and it kinda gets turned into me being crazy for living this way.Whatever is what I say this makes me happy and I hope you have a happy day as well :)

  2. Hello :)

    What an interesting post. I wonder how much also temptation is linked with 'stuff'. Do you think if your life is filled with excess bits and pieces that it's more difficult to clear out your mind and resist temptation? I've been mulling this for a while as we declutter and declutter more, that as all the boxes and whatnot go off to the charity shop that our minds and thoughts become clearer too.

  3. I know what you mean. But try this. The kids are playing up a storm outside and need a drink. Rip open the envelop, stir in with water and ice. Presto. A great refreshing drink. You see the problem. It's the presto part. You've just fed you kids food coloring and sugar. And then people wonder why their kids can't concentrate in school.

  4. Thanks for the replies! I typed out a response yesterday but it seems like it's vanished!!
    Ramia - I felt exactly the same but luckily this way of life has brought me new friends over time. I looked for an email address on your site but couldn't find one. If you would like to email me anytime, please do... perfectcupcake@googlemail.com
    Mara - Yes I do! I've rid myself of a good few things over the last year but there is still alot of clutter to go. Getting rid of the televisions was definitely the best thing we did!
    Propero - thats the constant battle, the instant need. If you plan, plan and prepare then you can avoid the need for instant fixes as, say, you'll have thought about it before and put a bottle of water in the car. Your example is probably the place I fall down the most! bunging in a 'quick supper' because the kids are playing up then paying for it later! Luckily I'm starting to remember to freeze some healthy quick meals for just these occasions!!!