Wednesday, 6 May 2009

How to make a Homemade Fridge!!!

We've been fridge free for over 4 months now!!!! We've been using a keep- cool and putting in freezer blocks to keep the temperature down for milk / cheese etc. and on the whole its been fine :) BUT the cold weather has been on our side!!

Increasing temperatures outside have had us looking on ways to better our initial idea.

We did toy with the idea of running a 12v coolbox off a solar panel but the figures ( and safety issues didn't work) so insteads we've come up with this instead....

OMJ and Little Jonesey have converted one of our smaller kitchen cupboards into a homemade fridge. It's on a cold wall (adjoining the garage). They insulated the cupboard all surfaces, inside the door and under the top drawer, with a roll of insulation foam and we stuck reflective foil on an outer side near a radiator. Daily use is similar to the cool box, we keep food in open tupperware boxes / trays with freezerblocks to keep the internal temperature low! It seems to be working well! And with the added bonus of a shelf in there I can go back to refrigerating cheesecake, jellys and the like!!!

Their first proper family project of the summer.


  1. Good idea, but do you freeze the blocks in a freezer (sorry if that sounds dumb!)?

    Kim x

  2. It's good to have 'family' projects. My kids are happy to help on our new allotment at the moment. I'm wondering if it will keep their interest or not.

  3. Hi Captain's Wife, thanks for visiting :)

    Kim - Yes the freezer blocks are frozen in a freezer. This is not a fridge for no electric homes but rather a way of doing without one electric appliance we don't really need. If you want to go without any need for elecric then a pot in pot or zeer fridge would be one to use. This is on my list of things to try but I'm sceptical it'll keep milk cold enough.

    Jo - Hi, a new allotment , what fun!!! what are you growing? I should imagine that will hold the children's interest for a good while. Well at least until it gets cold and rainy if they are like mine!!

  4. I'm growing all the usual, brassicas, peas, beans, sweetcorn, carrots, parsnips, potatoes etc. and have also got a flower bed for cut flowers.
    The kids have been given their own patch and they're going to have a go at growing gourds. I don't mind what they grow if it keeps them interested.
    You can check out my progress on my blog:-

  5. Good job guyzz!!the project sound`s interesting

  6. Very Impressed Jones..Can you tell me how to make it practically? I wanna impress my Girlfriend by gifting her a homemade refrigerator..
    If you really care you can mail me

    I would really appreciate Jones..

  7. hey ,
    tnnx alot. Can pleas elaborate more about this? I've no idea where can i get these raw material-things.
    I want to make this in my hostel-room.

    thnx alot,

  8. omg tht is soooo cool do you know hwo to make it inside of a dresser drawer if so e-mail me @
    my grand-daughter wants to know cuz she wants on in her bedroom

  9. Hi, nice project. I did not do the whole job, but just insulated my 19 years old fridge. With a stunning result: 50% less power consumption! Here you can find some details:

    Greetings. Allen

  10. This is just relevant in Britain as big brother wants to switch off all all freezers when the power grid is high!!

    Great insight