Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A nicer way to get there!

I'd love a bike like this one!! I can imagine riding down the road giving flowers to passersby as I cycled :) Ok I may not have the vintage bike - its a yellow mountain bike - but I have ditched the car a few journey's this week in favour of cycling. Easy for me than walking, its great and easy on the pocket too!! I'm bumping into (not literally!) more friends on the journey and stopping briefly to chat. I can get there as quick as a car journey and enjoy the smell of elderflowers on the way!!

I worked out yesterday its a year since I last did this regularily, I don't know what was stopping me!! I even managed to do a small shop on my way home last night and well balaced the bags off my handlebars on the way home!! Unfortunately the bike doesn't have a rack so I need to save for one of those before I can make panniers.

There are some great pannier tutorials here

Take advantage of the weather and get on your bikes today!!!!!

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