Tuesday, 14 April 2009

How much noise do you make

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Our recent camping trip was heavenly, we woke every morning to birdsong and spent the rest of the day listening to the wind in the trees and trying to teach ourselves to recognise the different birdcalls.
Now we are home I am amazed by how noisy our house is!! We no longer set alarms to wake us, the kids wake up bang on time everyday, any lie-ins we embrace and enjoy even if it means we are late for something !! The noise starts soon after.... neighbours banging doors, scrapping tables across floors. Cars passing peep to scare cats out of the way or to pick up work colleagues. Hard drives hum as I read through blogs, freezers make the strangest noise defrosting themselves.
I'm slowly trying to gain back some peace, and this week I'm making an effort to sweep instead of hoover and even the 'effort' of using a scrubbing brush to hand sweep the hall and stair carpet has a theraputic calmness to it even if it takes a bit longer than hoovering. I also have the satisfaction that it does a bettter job than my hoover!!!! I'm opening windows and working in the garden. Guess what..... we have birdsong here too, it was just too noisy to appreciate it.

What sounds does your house make and what would you prefer to hear?


  1. our fridge and washing machine make terrible noises sometimes. they are both ancient and will need to be replaced. But at present I have taken to having selective hearing!

    Sounds like you had a lovely time camping!

  2. S-o-L - Thanks for dropping by. We did have a lovely time camping thanks - amazing how an oldfashioned street garden in a country village different from a modern housing estate! Then again maybe not!
    I hope your appliances hold out a bit longer, they are always a big expense when they need replacing, the only upside is you can buy more energy efficient models.

  3. We make a lot of noise. Hopefully, apart from petty sqabbling it is all fairly good natured!
    I grew up without a TV and everyone thinks I am weird and OH accuses me of having no cultural reference points - but that is not true - we just don't have the same ones.
    Camping for us too - we have a big tent for the holidays and a small tent for Dad and lad or indeed Mum and chum camping - it's great! Thanks for visiting me I love the ethos of your blog.