Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A good book or two...

The absence of television in the house has seen an influx of books into the home.....

From friends, charity shops, mobile library and college I now have a good selection of reading material to keep me company in bed or in the garden on a lazy afternoon

The current selection include:-

Carrots love Tomatoes & Roses love Garlic - Louise Riotte
Getting Started in Permaculture - Ross and Jenny Mars
Food from Green Places - Rosamond Richardson
Urban Eden - Adam and James Caplin
The New complete book of Self-Sufficiency - John Seymour

I think my favourite is Food From Green Places, I wish I'd found this for sale rather than in the library, I'm a sucker for recipe books and this one really focuses on the simple ingredient. It would be invaluable when you have a glut of something on the plot and find a hedgerow harvest.

Carrots love Tomatoes and The Complete Handbook of Self-Sufficiency would both make great additions to the bookcase as reference books.

Urban Eden and Getting Started in Permaculture are both good general entry level books but both leave you 'wanting more'.

I'm glad I found the Permaculture one in the college library, Permaculture had been on my radar for a while and this explained the basics. I think when I plan my next garden it will be based on a permaculture idea. If you aren't familiar with Permaculture, explains it extremely well here I think.
What books are you reading? What would you recommend from your bookcase?


  1. My goodness this is a beautiful blog, congratualtions. I love it. What a fab way to be, I think we're all a little guilty of 'needing stuff'; when the most important things are loved ones, health, a roof and good food.

    As for books I'm on 'Digging for Victory'. We have A LOT in our house from second hand places, far too many and some we've never looked at but it's my Hubby, he can't help himself, haha.

  2. I'm like a kid in a candy shop: It's so exciting to get a comment from someone just cruising around and finding, by chance, my blog (talk about serendipity). I looked at your blog and realize that we have many things in common. I'm trying to grow all my vegetables, sustainably, organically. This way I'll know where they came from and what went into them. I find it a real challenge since I'm not good at vegetables. But I am learning and have had some success. I wish you the very best and applaud your independent thinking.