Friday, 10 April 2009

Simple Holidays


Camping is a big big thing for us, we LOVE it!!!! So much so we have a VW Campervan and a caravan, last year we had two tents too, but one broke and the binmen walked off with the other one by accident! This spring we decided to streamline our camping paraphenalia. We've retired the campervan into dry storage (awaiting a possible resoration) and treated ourselves to a new family tent. It was a bargain on Ebay. It's Easter here in the UK and according to the news this morning camping and caravanning is becoming ever more popular. Unfortunately rising popularity across the UK for camping instead of holidays abroad has a knock-on effect for those of us who've always done it; Prices go up and campsites are full! The campsite so we've been hoping to book at for this weekend wasn't even answering thier phone because they were so busy when I rang up in the start of March.

So this Easter we are trying out the new tent in Nanny's backgarden (it's too big for ours!!) At least we've cut our carbon footprint!!!! Surely if we are happy at home we shouldn't always need to go away to be on holiday?

How about you? Have you got any good tips for holidaying 'at home'?


  1. Hey there. Google the word staycation, and thereare lots of ideas. You could use the bus to have a tour of areas in your local town, you will see streets you have never seen before.

    Some councils have a town pass that you can buy. This will open up options of local museums and galleries.

    Also national express are doing coach tickets for £1. Take a look, you maybe able to bag yourself a bargain trip for the summer holidays.

    Hope this is of help

  2. I love our VW! They make holidays so much easier and lots of fun :) x

  3. LP - Ah yes they do but we already have a beetle and a notchback so I had to cut back somewhere! Luckily we'd already made the decision to retire him as the piston ring went yesterday and that is a BIG job to repair apparently and very expensive!!!

    SoL - great ideas there! Luckily I can already get into alot of the attractions in Bath for free as a BANES resident, although I havent been recently. The temptation is always to go off somewhere rather than explore your own doorstep isn't it!

  4. Nice to see another camping addict. Just addicted to tents, campervans etc. We have a constant turnover in our flat.

    And even less space to store them!