Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Simple Recipes - how to make cupcakes when you've no butter!!

Determined to have a baking day today, i was somewhat thwarted when I realised we were out of butter!!! A bit of googling later and rejigging some of my favourite cupcake recipes I've come up with a winner (by OMJ's opinion anyway!)

Mrs Jones' Butterless Cupcakes

6oz SR Flour (sifted)
150ml vegetable oil
4oz sugar
2 duck eggs ( or 2 large chicken eggs)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. It will look really different to your usual butter mix (maybe greasy or a different shade) but don't worry!! spoon mix into cupcake cases and cook at 175oC for 15minutes till lightly golden.



  1. I wanted to thank you for this... I can not have dairy. I am excited to try this recipe:)


  2. I use a similar recipe for banana loaf and it's wonderfully light :)

    Kim x
    PS, I was a dinner lady for a while too, and I loved it, but it did muck up my routine!

  3. oooh you might have to share that recipe with me please!!

    I think I might need a new routine full stop, I havent got anything done since I started the job!!