Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fragrancing your home naturally

Now we are using not using chemical cleaners there is a distinct lack of synthetic fragrances in the home, not a bad thing but this leaves an opening for natural fragrances. These can come in many different forms.

Fresh Air - Clothes dried on the washing line bring a lovely freshness into any room. Get outside on those sunnydays and dry your clothes. Open windows to let fresh air in.

Essential Oils - Drops of your favourite essential oils can be added to homemade cleaners, or mixed with water in a spray bottle to make a room fragrancer.
Plants - Plant fragrant plants next to windows and enjoy the fragrance wafting in on warm summer evenings. Pot up herbs and place on windowsills inside your home, ruffle the leaves for instance frangrance! We love lavender, rosemary and lemon thyme in our bedrooms (3 bedrooms, 3 herbs- not mixed!)

Food - Warm Cakes, Fresh Bread and Brewed Coffee all are listed as popular smells within the home. Get baking.......

Candles - Scented candles or oils add richness to a home in summer or winter

What are your favourite natural fragrances to use in your home?


  1. Good for you cutting the chemical cleaners! This is a great idea!

  2. I couldn't go back to artificial fragrances now, they make me feel ill. I'll give the herb pots a try, that's a great idea :)

    Kim x