Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Simple Changes - Television

A long time ago, television was a big part of my life. I woke up at the start of the day and switched it on as I walked into the lounge, at night I set the 'sleep function' on the bedroom TV as I fell asleep! Recently we weren't watching much TV at all. The kids watched 1 hour before bed and I watched a couple after they were asleep.
At the start of March I unplugged all the TV and challenged us not to use them. 3 weeks in we didn't even miss them so I removed them ( and all the other TV related stuff*) from the house and cancelled our TV license - saving £150 odd a year (yippee!!)
*Video, Digital set top boxes, Ariel booster, DVD players, scart leads, games console, extension leads.......
We still watch a few programs online using BBC i -player and other streaming channels, but the difference we choose what to watch and when. It doesn't rule our lives anymore.

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